We Engineer, Fabricate, and Automate Custom Fluid and Gas Handling Solutions 

We're Experts in Truck and Railcar Loading, LACT Units, Gas Compression, Transloading Fall Protection, Pump Skids and Custody Transfer Metering for Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Propane, NGL and LPG 

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Chemical Dosing / Feed / Metering Skids

We have an extensive background in the chemical arena. Mixing. Metering, Injecting, Dosing, and Batching are some of the processes that are necessary in the complex world of chemicals. Our plug and play systems keep your product moving.

Industrial Gas Compressors & Pumps

Our team has designed fully automated systems designed for large rail terminal applications where several railcar unloading spots are utilized as well as smaller single spot compressor systems for one or two car sites or truck NGL unloading.


Custody Transfer Metering Skids

We engineer, fabricate and automate custody transfer metering skids with extreme accuracy for the transfer of NGL's, LPG's, and Crude Oil. All systems are custom configured for your specific project, and are OSHA compliant for your safety.