Blackmer Industrial Gas Compressors and Integrated Solutions

Why Blackmer?

In 1899, Robert Blackmer invented the rotary vane pump and in 1914 became a supplier to the U.S. Military.  In 1980, Blackmer introduced their first line of reciprocating gas compressors and have been perfecting the designs ever since.  Utilizing the knowledge and expertise of engineers and designers with decades of gas compression expertise, Blackmer has develop some of the best technology available in the reciprocating gas compressor market for applications under 100 horsepower. To learn more about the history of Blackmer, click here.


What makes Blackmer Gas Compressors better?

Blackmer offers and extensive line of single and two stage gas compressor models in both air and water cooled configurations, allowing them to handle a wide variety compression applications, therefore the integration of Blackmer Gas Compressors makes sense.  Their use of a ductile iron head and cylinder provides strength that cast iron designs cannot match. On most models, high efficiency PEEK valve plates are used to provide extended life and improved reliability in harsh applications.  In addition, Blackmer compressors utilize extra thick PTFE piston rings to provide more wear surface for a great ring life.

What makes a Blackmer HD Compressor different?

Blackmer HD industrial compressors incorporate self-adjusting PTFE piston rod seals which provide efficient and effective sealing to prevent oil migration into the gas stream and minimize fugitive emissions. This is offered in double or triple seal options to provide maximum sealing, even in the harshest applications. Blackmer has also developed a bottom-end that is completely free of yellow metals which react negatively with many gases. Instead, Blackmer HD compressors utilize a wrist pin needle bearing and direct drive oil pump design, eliminating the need for machining when overhauling a Blackmer compressor.

What about Blackmer Integration? The S&S Technical answer.

The variety of applications where Blackmer compressors can be integrated into ranges from Gas Boosting to Vapor Recovery. This also includes liquefied gas transfer applications such as LPG, Refrigerants, Ammonia and others.

Obviously, a compressor by itself is not very useful. The integration of a compressor into a well-designed and engineered system is critical for the unit to do its job reliably and efficiently. That’s where S&S Technical comes into the picture. Our team of experienced designers, engineers and fabricators can bring the compressor to life. We can design a Blackmer integrated custom solution for your specific need, enabling you to maximize the compressor’s capabilities.

Blackmer compressors

Packaged Blackmer Gas Compressor Systems

We offer complete, turn-key industrial compressor packages that include all of the necessary equipment; vessels, piping, valving, instrumentation, PLC controls, etc. integrated into the most compact, operator-friendly design possible. Whether your application requires one compressor or several compressors, S&S Technical provides effective, reliable packaged solutions with ongoing support to ensure our client’s needs are met or exceeded each and every time. That is why S&S Technical is the leader in fluid and gas transfer and metering systems.

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