Arrow Vapor Recovery Packages

Vapor Recovery Packages are now a standard piece of equipment at most tank farms, well sites and process facilities. EPA and local air quality standards require companies to capture fugitive emissions and VOCs, limiting the venting and flaring that has historically been acceptable.

Reciprocating Gas Compression

S&S Technical has partnered with Arrow Engine Company to offer a complete line of reciprocating gas compressors and natural gas engines packaged for most vapor recovery applications.  We recently provided four turn-key, electric-drive vapor recovery packages to a midstream company in Oklahoma that included custom built Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) panels for each unit.

Vapor Recovery Application Package

Each of the four electric drive vapor recovery systems we provided was designed to offer 25-100 MSCFD flow with a 1-3 PSIG suction pressure and a 45 PSIG discharge pressure.

For this application, we selected the Arrow VRU2 5×5 two-throw compressor with 5” cylinders.  The packages included a 15HP electric motor, ASME coded suction scrubber and heat exchanger and a Murphy VRU-PRO control system.  The off-skid, S&S Technical custom VFD panel provides automatic speed control based on suction pressure for fully automated operation while limiting energy consumption.

Why we Chose the Arrow VRU2 5×5

The Arrow VRU2 compressor was selected for its design and value.  The compressor is designed with integrated crossheads and a robust frame for long term reliability.  These machines were specifically designed to be a workhorse in vapor recovery applications, so each component was specifically chose for harsh VRU applications.  This singular purpose allows for a lower price point and ease of maintenance providing end users with maximum value.

For your Vapor Recovery needs, look no further than S&S Technical.  We can design, engineer and fabricate a system to meet most any compression need.  Feel free to Request A Quote or give one of our designers a call at (678) 250-9507.

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