JP8 Aviation Fuel Loading/Unloading Skids

S&S Technical was contracted by a United States Air Force base to help revamp their fuel delivery depot. We designed and manufactured JP8 Aviation Fuel Loading/Unloading Skids.

The systems below will be pumping and metering JP8 aviation fuel that will be unloaded from delivery trucks and used around the facility.

The skids were engineered, fabricated, automated, and tested at our manufacturing facility just north of Atlanta, Ga. and were ready to move product when arriving on site.

Major components include:

  • FMC AccuLoad III Controller
  • FMC Postive Displacement Flow Meter
  • FMC 210 Digital Control Valves
  • FMC Air Eliminator
  • Franklin Double Block and Bleed
  • OCV Back Pressure Valve
  • API Centrifugal Pump – (600 GPM)
  • Explosion Proof Automation Control
  • Newson Gale Grounding Unit
  • Ruhrpumpen API Pump

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