Blackmer & Corken Compressor Maintenance.

Improved Performance and Reliability

Blackmer and Corken Compressor Maintenance. We all know how it goes: Every day the focus is on just keeping up and as long as your equipment is running, its one less thing to do. But, then it happens – your compressor has a failure and production is stopped. Now you scramble to put out the proverbial fire as the shut-down costs escalate. Sound like a familiar story? It’s one we all have heard or lived at some point.

The solution to this problem is simple: Preventative Maintenance. The cost of unscheduled shut-downs can be astronomical. Couple that with the elevated repair costs or even replacement costs of an emergency and the investment in spare parts, spare equipment and training is just a drop in the bucket.


Oil-free reciprocating compressors like Blackmer and Corken units are fairly straight forward to work on. Most of the recommended inspections and replacements listed in the IOM Manuals can be completed in a matter of a few hours. Many of these machines are exposed to flammable and/or corrosive gases making maintenance all the more important. Leaking rod packing can result in these hazardous gases leaking into the atmosphere creating a dangerous environment for personnel and other equipment. Ensuring the condition of the seals could prevent a serious problem.



In addition to the potential for personnel and equipment hazards, performing scheduled maintenance on your compressors will ensure the highest possible performance. Worn piston rings and valves reduce the amount of compression and capacity of the machine and cause the units to overheat, potentially resulting in a catastrophic failure.

Investing in maintenance and training provides your team with the tools to keep your equipment running longer and more efficiently. As we know, sometimes machines break. When they do, it is especially handy to have trained personnel on staff who can quickly diagnose the problem and fix the equipment properly.

S&S Technical, Inc. provides training and technical expertise for your Blackmer and Corken gas compressors. In addition, we maintain an extensive parts inventory and provide complete rebuild and recertification services for your equipment.

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