Blackmer Compressor Rebuild & Recertification

By August 5, 2016Blog

Blackmer Compressor Rebuild & Recertification

Environmental emergency response teams rely heavily on their equipment to quickly and efficiently manage incidents. Overturned railcars and transport trucks containing hazardous products can be very dangerous situations that require an immediate response to prevent damage to the environment and protect public safety.

S&S Technical is a leading provider of technical support, including Blackmer pump rebuild and Blackmer Compressor rebuild services. Our rebuilds and recertification services are used by many of these emergency response teams. We handle the repairs, overhaul and recertification for their pumps and compressors used to evacuate overturned or leaking railcars and transport trailers. In addition, we design and manufacture complete response carts that are equipped with these mission critical pumps and compressors for use in the field.

Pictured are two freshly rebuilt and recertified Blackmer HD363C industrial gas compressors used to transfer chlorine, VCM, Anhydrous Ammonia and LPG products in the event of a railcar incident. The teams that use this equipment need to know it can be relied on when needed, which is why they come to us. Our technicians follow a strict process for evaluation, assembly and state-of-the-art testing that ensures the highest quality workmanship – and we back that up with an industry-best 18-Month warranty. They can also count on us to provide fast turnaround times, allowing them to get the equipment back into service quickly.

If you are looking for expert technical support for your compressors, please contact us. We can offer service, parts, technical support and replacement equipment as well as provide complete engineering, design and fabrication for packaged compression and pumping solutions.

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