Blackmer Diesel Drive Compressor Package

Transloading LPG products is a widely used practice that allows companies to move product to market with a much lower capital investment.  Many available rail sites are somewhat remote and the use of a transloader allows owners to easily offload LPG railcars directly into transport trucks without the need to invest in a full-scale terminal, saving time and money.

Compressor and transloading, how does it work?

A couple of months ago, a Wyoming-based client reached out to S&S Technical for a small compressor package suitable for railcar transloading operations.  This was a butane application that did not require much capacity but would need to be diesel engine driven.

The design team at S&S Technical went to work on a compact, simple layout that would provide the customer exactly what they needed. A Blackmer LB361B single-stage, oil-free compressor was selected for the application.  This was packaged with a Blackmer mechanical liquid trap and vapor strainer.  We used all stainless steel interconnecting piping and tubing with stainless steel Swagelok fittings and a stainless steel 4-way valve. The compressor is v-belt driven using a Hatz diesel engine with electric start and employs a hand-operated clutch for easy engagement/disengagement.  All of the components are mounted to a custom fabricated, powder coated carbon steel frame and capped off with an aluminum non-sparking belt guard.

How large is a compressor driven propane transloader?

The size of the unit will depend on the GPM needed to be moved and the time required to move the product safely. S&S Technical can design and manufacture custom compression solutions for most applications up to 500 horsepower. Smaller systems can range from a 3-4ft. sq. footprint, to 50+ feet with multiple compressors.

Service for my compressor system

The useful lifespan of a compressor can be decades with proper routine maintenance and service. A full rebuild per the manufacturer’s recommendations can keep a compressor in service for an additional period of time. Our capabilities include technical service and support, parts and replacement equipment, as well as full compressor rebuilds for all Blackmer, Arrow and Corken compressors.

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