CO2 Booster Compressor Skid for Propylene Reactor

S&S Technical was approached by a leading manufacturer to re-design a CO2 booster package used with an expanded polypropylene reactor for the production of lightweight thermoplastics. The system was designed to boost CO2 gas from 300 psig up to as high as 800 psig and provide a minimum flow rate of 365 scfm. Additionally, we were tasked with maintaining a relatively small footprint while allowing service and maintenance functions to take place with minimal interference.

Design CO2 Booster Compressor Skid

The compressors selected were Corken HG-Series horizontal, double-acting, two-stage units. They were designed to run alternately or in a lead/lag in the event of an extremely high gas demand. Our design team was able to draft a layout for the equipment, tanks and piping that provided the plant technicians with adequate space to complete service and maintenance while keeping the footprint within the customer’s desired constraints. We replaced the threaded connections and components in their existing design with more robust flanged connections as well as designed a valve unloader system that allowed the compressors to load and unload during high demand to prevent excessive start/stop of the motors and compressors.

Our customer was very happy with both the appearance and functionality and appreciated the effort that went into not only meeting, but exceeding their needs and expectations. Another example of S&S Technical’s value-add approach to our designs and workmanship.

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