Corken & Blackmer Compressor Rebuilds, Testing & Warranty

Since opening our Service Center in July 2015, S&S Technical as rebuilt and recertified dozens for Blackmer and Corken reciprocating compressors.  We have developed a strict inspection and evaluation process that includes: visual inspection, making and recording critical measurements, photographs and complete documentation.  Our process was developed to ensure our factory trained and certified technicians are able to identify the smallest abnormalities and determine root cause for failures for each unit we receive for evaluation.

After a client has given the order to complete a rebuild, technicians utilize a detailed, documented assembly process for the assembly of each compressor.  This process ensures every component meets or exceeds the manufacturer’s specifications and each critical dimension is measure and documented.

The most important steps in our process are the final testing.  As with anything mechanical, there is always the chance there will be an issue.  We adhere to a strict testing process to ensure the equipment leaves without any run issues and ready to install.  S&S Technical designed a compressor test stand that allows our technicians to properly run-in piston rings and packing as well as pressure test the compressor for leaks and, most importantly, orifice test the machine to ensure proper ring and valve operation.   Each compressor is subjected to a 2-hour, regimented run-in that allows the compressor to slowly come up to temperature preventing the packing and piston rings from overheating.  This improves the long-term performance and reduces the initial wear.

Once testing is completed, the compressor test data is recorded on the test data sheet.  The compressors are then refinished with an industrial enamel coating and packaged for shipment back to the client.  Each client receives a copy of the Assembly and Test Data Sheet where all of the critical dimensions and testing data is recorded.

It is because of this level of detail and workmanship that S&S Technical offers the longest rebuild warranty in the industry – 18-months!  We also proud to say that we have not had a warranty claim to date – a testament to the processes we’ve adopted and the experience and expertise of our team.

If you would like more information about our compressor and pump rebuild and recertification services, please contact us at (678) 250-9507 or visit us on the web at

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