Crude Oil Metering Skids

Crude Oil Metering Skids by definition is a fully assembled automated system built upon a framed base that can be installed permanently or be portable to move and measure the amount of product being transferred to financial accounting.

What Type of Crude Are You Metering?

Designing a crude oil meter skid requires knowledge of the product, as not all crude oil is the same. Crude oil is graded based upon viscosity, volatility, and toxicity. When these factors are known it allows for a metering system designed that provides the highest accuracy.

Assume you know the grade of the crude to be extracted, transferred, and metered. Also know the region. Know your environment. Don’t make the assumption that heavy viscous crude flows evenly. Both cold temperature and warm climates may require heat trace and insulation.

Are All Meters the Same

Basically yes. They are all designed to provide an accurate accounting of the volume of product moved. Which one should you choose for your crude oil meter skid? If you are measuring volume choose a volumetric meter such as a turbine, ultrasonic, or coriolis. We design many systems with Coriolis meters but that does not mean they are the standard. Your budget, space limits, product, pressure, temperature… There are multiple manufactures of meters, the choice of vendor many times is determined by previous experience. Be cautious of that thinking, as meter technology improves, you may have a better user experience, reliability, and accuracy with possibly lesser known vendors.

Do You Need Oil Sampling?

No one wants to pay for dirty oil. So the answer is yes, oil sampling is needed initially and then monitored throughout the process. When crude is extracted it can have sediment and possibly a high water content.  No buyer wants to pay for crud in their crude. So oil sampling is necessary. Most crude oil metering skids come with a basic sediment and water (BS&W) unit integrated into the system.

Are Crude Oil Metering Skids Expensive?

You will find that there are a number of crude oil metering system manufacturers in the market place. Which means you will get a array of prices for the metering skids. What you want is a supplier who knows the right questions to ask to integrate only what you need. Any increased expense comes from a system that does not meet the needs of the crude oil being transferred. Loss of revenue, down time, replacement of equipment.

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