Emergency Response Skids

There are a number of companies across the US and Canada that are called on to provide emergency response for hazardous spills.  For many incidents involving hazardous liquids and gases transported in rail cars and transport trucks, these companies rely on gas compressors and liquid pumps to provide a means to evacuate the product to safe handling containers.

What is a good compressor for highly flammable gases?

Recently, an emergency response company in Tennessee called on S&S Technical to design and build them a compressor skid suitable for use on flammable and corrosive gases like Propane, Anhydrous Ammonia and Chlorine, to name a few.  In addition, they needed a liquid pump skid for moving flammable high pressure liquids.  The team at S&S went to work on designing two skids that would meet their needs and both are driven with hydraulic motors.

For the compressor skid, a Blackmer HD363C gas compressor was selected.  The compressor’s wetted components were coated with Blackmer’s TNT-12 coating to prevent corrosion when used on ammonia or chlorine.  A nitrogen purge system with a triple-seal design was chosen to ensure zero fugitive emissions during transfers.  The compressor was coupled to a Parker hydraulic motor and included a small suction scrubber to prevent entrained liquids from entering the compressor.

What additional components should be used on an Emergency Response Skid?

The compressor’s powder coated steel frame was designed with a removable safety cage to prevent damage to the compressor during transportation and movement in the field, but to also allow the compressor to be easily removed from the skid for maintenance or repairs.

The pump selected was a Blackmer LDLD3F Sliding Vane pump.  This pump is suitable for LPG products as well as Anhydrous Ammonia.  The pump was coupled to a Char-Lynn hydraulic motor and mounted on a powder coated steel skid with safety cage.

Benefit of our Emergency Response Skid

Many of these companies coordinate on large incidents and it is important they all use the same type of equipment to ensure smooth interfaces.  The Blackmer line of sliding vane pumps for liquefied gases as well as refined fuels and corrosive liquids like Chlorine, caustic and/or acids has been the industry standard for decades.  The HD-series of Blackmer industrial gas compressors provides performance and flexibility and has become increasingly popular in the industry.

S&S Technical is now the go-to supplier to a dozen emergency response companies for their compressor and pump skids and carts.  In addition, we provide service, parts and technical support for all the products we provide.

For more information on our compressor and pump services, please contact us at 678-250-9507 or visit our website at www.skidsolutions.com.

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