Gas Compressor Maintenance & Repair Training Classes

The importance of Gas Compressor Maintenance

Having trained and experienced personnel to maintain your critical process compression equipment can sometimes be a struggle.  Many companies have a need for outsourced training to educate their teams to know how to properly maintain and repair their compressors.  Experienced team members retire or move to other companies and take vital knowledge with them.  That’s where S&S Technical comes in.

Hands-on Gas Compressor Repair Training

S&S Technical offers comprehensive compressor maintenance and repair training on all Blackmer and Corken gas compressors.  Each training class is a hands-on experience for technicians.  They have the opportunity to completely disassemble and reassemble a compressor, with step-by-step instruction as well as tips and pointers on what to be looking for and how to properly diagnose conditions.

What You Will Learn at the Compressor Rebuild Course

The training is a two-day experience.  On Day 1 there is basic orientation on the compressor, its parts and their functions and various materials of construction.  We also complete a total teardown and evaluation.  Day 2 we will prep parts and complete the assembly and testing of the compressor.

Many of our customers prefer to use one of their own compressors for the training and will schedule their school around an overhaul that needs to be completed.  This is highly recommended as our training compressors do not always provide the full picture.  If you choose to bring or send you own equipment, we can provide you special discounting on the parts and will be sure we have the inventory to accommodate the rebuild.

Gas Compressor Training & Maintenance Class Location

Compressor training schools are offered at our Bowling Green, Kentucky service center and are scheduled based on your needs – as best we can accommodate.  The cost for our compressor training schools is $1,295.00 for up to 3 technicians (this includes lunches for both days).

For more information on compressor maintenance and repair training please contact us at 678-250-9507 or visit our website at

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