Heat Exchanger Systems

Heat exchanger systems are used across a wide variety of markets and applications. Just about any manufacturing facility you walk into will have a heat exchanger system somewhere in their process. A heat exchanger system takes a heated or cooled source from one resource and uses it to heat or cool a source used in another part of the process. The transfer of heat occurs without the two products coming into physical contact with each other.

heat exchanger system

There are various types of heat exchanger systems. The most typical styles we come across are ‘shell and tube’ heat exchanger systems and ‘plate and frame’ heat exchanger systems. The selection of an appropriate style is usually based on both the process application and budget. Though the systems seem simple when looked at while passing by, there are a lot of calculations that have to be done on the front end to ensure all of the process parameters can be met with the highest efficiency possible.

heat exchanger system 3d rendering

When companies look to order a heat exchanger system, they typically focus on that part of the equation alone. S&S Technical is able to work with clients in order to supply not only the correct heat exchanger for their application but also the association of the surrounding items with allowing the heat exchanger to function properly. This often includes a full blown package with pumps, instrumentation, control valves, and the controls themselves. The ability to engineer and build an entire package for the client allows them to deal with one source directly throughout the process and drastically cuts down on the amount of field work associated with installing a new heat exchanger system. Contact S&S Technical at 678-250-9507 when you’re ready to discuss your next heat transfer project.

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