LPG, LNG, Propane Railcar Unloading / Loading

LPG, LNG, Propane, Railcar Unloading / Loading. S&S Technical recently completed a package design to unload Propane rail cars. This system is a duplex system that utilizes two Vertical double-acting, oil-free, reciprocating compressors. Both are tied to a common 6″ vapor header and include automated 4-way valves for process control – liquid transfer & vapor recovery.

The package is fully automated and includes an Allen Bradley ControlLogix PLC for control and terminal integration as well as two additional panels for low voltage control signals and SIS signals back to the site DCS.

All of the engineering, design, fabrication, automation and assembly was completed at our facility in Alpharetta, GA. The piping was design and fabricated to ASME B31.3 standards including NDE and hydrostatic testing and our frame was designed and fabricated to AWS D1.1 standards.

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