LPG Vapor Recovery Compressor System

By July 13, 2016Blog

A few months ago, S&S Technical was approached to develop a solution for an LPG vapor recovery system that would be used in a proprietary cleaning system.  The process used an LPG gas mix containing 80% n-Butane and 20% Propane as a solvent.

The client needed a means to evacuate the product from a 500 gallon vessel, pulling the vessel pressure down to 0 PSIG, compress it up to as high as 175 PSIG and cool it back down to a maximum temperature of 100°F.  There were several process scenarios that were presented with varying starting inlet and final discharge pressures that we needed to account for, which made the design a bit more complicated.


We selected a Blackmer HD372C two-stage, vertical, industrial gas compressor for this application. The Blackmer compressor allowed us to manage the wide range of operational parameters with a high level of efficiency. The design of this compressor provides excellent rod sealing technology to manage fugitive emissions, a robust frame and excellent valve technology for efficient, reliable operation.

The compressor was packaged with a Kim Kool, Inc. heat exchanger that was custom designed for this application and included a fan deflector to route the exhaust upward as this was going to be installed indoors.

Our electrical engineering team designed a locally mounted, NEMA 7 control panel with a PLC that would manage the safeties and provide an adjustable automatic run option for the client.

S&S Technical was able to deliver a compact, skidded solution that met the customer’s needs and is capable of managing additional capacity for future growth.

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