Natural Gas Booster Systems

More and more we are seeing opportunities for Natural Gas Booster Systems. Many companies are looking to low-cost natural gas as a fuel to run a variety of gas-fired process equipment or replace diesel-fired engines with cleaner burning natural gas fired engines.

Municipal gas lines typically offer sufficient flow for these applications, but do not supply the needed pressure to support the demand of the equipment. A simple and effective solution is a gas booster compressor. Very simply, the booster compressor receives the gas at somewhere around 15 psig and will boost the pressure to the required set point for proper operation of the gas-fired equipment.

In the case of the system depicted in this article, the required pressure was 60 psig. However, for this application, the flow capacity provided by the municipal gas line was not going to be adequate to fire the equipment at maximum demand. To overcome this, a large surge vessel was installed and the pressure was increased to 150 psig.

The system includes two, two-stage reciprocating compressors, for redundancy, knock-out vessels and a two-pass fan-cooled heat exchanger for inter-stage and after cooling.  This system receives the municipal pipeline gas at 15 psig and boosts it to 150 psig (@ 7500 scfh) for storage in the 17,600 gallon surge vessel.  The gas is then regulated down to 60 psig to support three natural gas-fired engine dynos.  The fully automated system maintains adequate flow capacity and pressure using on skid instrumentation along with the local Nema 7 PLC-driven control panel. 

All of the design, engineering and fabrication was completed by S&S technical at our Alpharetta, GA manufacturing facility. Our design and engineering team can design and manufacture a custom natural gas boosting solution that will effectively and efficiently meet the demands of your natural gas fired equipment.

For more information on natural gas booster systems for your next project or upcoming facility contact us directly, or Request a Free Quote. 

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