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Coriolis Meters versus turbine meters.

When designing a pipeline metering skid there are considerations as to which type of meter to use, Coriolis or Turbine. Temperature, system foot print, and flowrate are a few to be considered as there are positives and negatives with each. To make the best decision let’s review based on the fluid or gas being metered through the pipeline.

Liquids and gasses in a Coriolis flowmeter pass only through smooth tubes with no moving parts. Turbine meters are mechanical and will have wear and require maintenance on parts. If loading or unloading railcars is occurring in remote locations and you are concerned about maintenance, a Coriolis meter may be your best option as there is no wear and tear on the measuring element as no parts are subject to abrasion and corrosion.

Coriolis meters are not affected by temperature or pressure. They measure mass flow directly, which does not change even if the temperature or pressure of the fluid changes. Therefore, no pressure or temperature compensation is required. Turbine meters required pressure and temperature compensation.

Coriolis meter accuracy is typically  ±0.1–0.2 percent of the flowrate being measured. This is much more accurate than turbine meters, which are typically within ±0.5 accurate. Turbine meters with the need for pressure and temperature compensation can increase the overall flow error to as much as ±3 percent.

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Some disadvantages of Coriolis meters is pressure drop which can increase significantly in higher-viscosity fluids. Coriolis meters can take up more space than turbine meters, although this may be offset by a reduction in the amount of straight pipe needed to straighten the flow. Turbine meter require longer pipe run before the meter for accurate measurement, making the footprint of a skid much longer as compared to a skid with a Coriolis meter.  Coriolis meters are more expensive but when looking at long term cost of ownership with maintenance/wear on turbine meter parts, can be a wash.

This pipeline metering skid system was designed with a Krohne Coriolis meter based on multiple factors. We work with the customer to understand the each factor to ensure the right meter is on the right metering skid.  Give us a call and let us help you find the right meter for your railcar transloading needs.

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