Evacuate LPG Products from Railcars. Compressor packages can help.

Recently, S&S Technical was approached about developing a portable hydraulic drive compressor package for a client in Ohio. The compressor package would be used to evacuate LPG products – Propane, n-Butane and Isobutane from damaged railcars. While empty the service department can evaluate the car for any safety related issues and complete repairs on the railcar and recertify them for service.

In evaluating the need and a seamless solution we reached out to our partners at Blackmer to evaluate their LB602C compressor as we believed this to be right compressor. Together S&S Technical and Blackmer teamed up to develop a solution based on a hydraulic drive unit they had designed for another application. As a solution based team we evaluated what the intention for the system needed to be to help size a hydraulic power pack and then select a suitable hydraulic motor, capable of providing adequate BHP at the pressure and flow available to evacuate the railcar completely for any LPG product.

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The final compressor package included the Blackmer LB602C compressor, a single stage, two-cylinder, oil free compressor that is designed specifically for LPG applications with a double rod seal to reduce fugitive emissions and oil migration.  We coupled that to a Parker F12 hydraulic motor and designed a custom motor mounting that allows for easy shaft/coupling alignment in the field.

The packaged compressor system also includes a mechanical liquid trap, 4-way valve, strainer and all stainless steel piping, fittings and hardware. Our custom designed aluminum, non-sparking flywheel/coupling guard gave extra safety protection.  The material selection and powder coated structural steel frame provide excellent resistance to the harsh outdoor environment.

Once the system was in place, the first railcar evacuation was a complete success. Our client has been thrilled with the results and is currently operating three of these packages with two more in production. The evacuation of LPG products in a safe, environmentally sound manner is possible with the right well thought-out solution.

Do you have issues with full LPG evacuation when your railcars come in for safety inspection or service? Contact S&S Technical solutions team, we can help at info@skidsolutions.com or 678-87-7024.

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