Propane Rail Car Offloading Compressor Packages

New Propane and Butane rail terminal expansions are happening throughout the Unites States and countries around the globe.  S&S Technical has provided custom LPG offloading solutions for major midstream companies across the country.  Last week we completed and shipped a custom packaged system bound for a northeast based terminal.


Custom LPG Offloading Solution

During the engineering and design phase of this project we knew there would be concerns with excessive liquids resulting from older piping design at the site. To deal with that we designed into the system oversized ASME suction scrubbers that included an automated dump system to protect the compressors from the potential for liquid slugging – a common occurrence in LPG compression applications which can result in catastrophic equipment failures and at a minimum, long term reliability concerns.

Packaged LPG Blackmer Offloading Compressor System

This package included two Blackmer LB942B reciprocating compressors on a common skid with a 4” vapor header and 4-way valve. The 4-way valve controls the direction of vapor flow through the two compressors, allowing the operators to select between liquid transfer offload and vapor recovery modes to capture the maximum amount of product from the top loading, pressurized railcars.

As continued natural gas exploration and drilling continues, the need to move LPG products will grow as well. The team at S&S Technical has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing custom compression, pumping and measurement systems for these difficult to manage products. For more information on how we can assist with your next project, please contact us at – 678-250-9507 or Request A Quote

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