Propane Railcar Unloading Compressor Skid System

Getting Propane Unloaded

Liquefied petroleum gas, propane, is increasing in use around the country. From home use for cooking and heating to many cities and trucking companies transitioning their fleets to propane. The amount of propane being transported via railcar has increased as have the safety concerns.

Once these railcars enter the terminal for unloading not only do additional safety measures need to be implemented, it has to be done quickly. That is where a compressor skid system comes into play.

What is a Skid Compressor System?

Propane railcar unloading is not as complicated as you might think. Some simple calculations using volume, time, and the compressor piston displacement will help to accurately size the compressor. At that point the pipe size can be determined. Since this railcar unloading system is being used to move and meter the product, it needs to be accurate. A compressor skid that is fully integrated and calculated correctly can be engineered, fabricated, automated and tested before it arrives at your location.

Propane railcar unloading compressor skid package

What Does Railcar Unloading Skid Look Like?

The picture shows an S&S Rail Car Unloading Compressor Skid being installed on-site at a propane terminal In Ohio. It includes two BLACKMER® LB942B compressors and custom ASME suction scrubbers on a common header for multi-car offloads.

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