Blackmer & Corken Certified Exchange Program

S&S Technical is continually seeking new ways to offer value added services to our customer’s. As a result, we have developed a compressor exchange program where we offer our clients recertified, application specific compressors with reduced delivery times to allow them to replace worn or damaged compressors with minimal down time.

What is a recertified compressor?

Simply, a compressor we have rebuilt to original Blackmer or Corker specifications.

All of our Blackmer or Corken recertified compressors have been completely refurbished at our Kentucky Service Center.  Each compressor is built based on manufacturer standards and specifications. They are fully tested and run-in to ensure they are ready for our customers to install and run as soon as they arrive.  Additionally, every recertified compressor includes a full 18-month workmanship warranty – the best in the business!

Compressor Exchange Program

Our Exchange Program is tailored to meet our customers specific gas compressor needs.  If you are part of our exchange program and your compressor breaks down, we will ship you the replacement. We fix yours and place it back into our exchange program rotation stock after it is rebuilt. We have the option to maintain an exchange compressor in our stock in Kentucky or build the unit and ship it to your site to have ready in the event of a need.  There are certain restrictions, so call us for more information on how this program works and how S&S Technical can save you time and money, contact our compression team at (678) 250-9507.

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