Refined Fuel & Condensate Loading Systems

Increase in refined fuels loading system needs

In recent weeks S&S Technical has seen a surge in the interest and activity by Midstream companies looking for engineered skid solutions to move refined fuels into the Mexico market while also seeing a similar trend in the US market for refined fuels, condensate and some bio fuels.

What is the right refined fuel loading system?

S & S Technical has been fortunate over the past several years to have worked with many companies that were Transloading Refined Fuels (see figure 1) and Condensate (see figure 2).  In each case our team took their time to understand these company’s product specifications and application requirements.  Most times we found the application would be more interesting and more complex based on where the loading took place. Was it railcar loading, tanker loading and was it a top or bottom loading.

Can you over design a railcar loading system?

You combine this with the companies’ loading requirements, top or bottom, loading arms, hose or hose handler along with the appropriate pressure and temperature requirements, operator and facility safety concerns and the flow rates desired.  You then add to that the many options in control and automation, printing, wireless, plant DCS, etc., and you now have a large opportunity to design and fabricate a skid that is not optimal, and is not meeting the company’s goals and ROI target.

What is a smart loading skid solution?

This experience working with diverse products, applications and facilities as well as working with great vendors and their engineering teams (refer to detail below), has given our team an advantage with our knowledge base and design archive.

If the marketplace is presenting your team with new opportunities and you have a need to Transload Refined Fuels or Condensate, please contact S&S Technical and have a conversation with our team.   We can design, fabricate and automate the optimal skid solution for your specific requirement in the right amount of time and at the right investment.

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