Refrigerant Reclaim Compressor Conversion

By September 9, 2016Blog

Refrigerant Reclaim Compressor Conversion

There are a number of companies across the US and Mexico who manufacture residential and commercial HVAC equipment.  One thing that each of these manufacturers has in common is the need to recover refrigerant gases from their assembly and testing lines.  Most use a packaged gas reclaim system that includes a recovery compressor, intermediate storage vessel, condenser and refrigerant pumps to return the product back to their bullet storage.

A large percentage of these packages include a now obsolete Corken D590 compressor.  This poses a problem for manufacturers if they experience a compressor failure – some of the critical parts are still available, but there are now parts that are no longer supported.

S&S Technical recently received one of these compressors from a major manufacturer for evaluation and overhaul.  In addition to other damage, the unit had a damaged compression cylinder – a part no longer support.  To prevent our client from having to purchase a brand new machine that not only would require system design changes, but would take up to two months to get, S&S Technical developed a kit to convert the old, obsolete compressor into the newer supported model and minimize the system changes to just a few piping changes.

In addition to the complete rebuild of the lower end of the compressor, the conversion from the D590 to the FD591 included the newer designed cylinder and head, new HP nylon unloader tubing, new steel balance line, a custom designed interstage cooler mounting bracket, new custom stainless steel wire braided flex lines and all of the flanges and fittings required to install the updated compressor.  The rebuild and conversion included complete testing and run-in and carried an 18-month workmanship warranty.  This saved our client nearly $12,000.00 and they had their compressor back in just over 3 weeks – nearly a month faster than a replacement compressor!

S&S Technical provides value through innovative solutions to complex problems saving our customers time and money.

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