Refrigerant Recovery Compressor Package

By May 10, 2017Blog

Refrigerant Recovery Compressor Package

In January of 2017, S&S Technical was approached about designing and manufacturing a solution for recovering refrigerant gases from 5000 gallon ISO containers and moving them to a 5000-gallon stationary storage vessel.  The company’s current setup was taking them 12-16 hours to complete the transfers and they were not able to evacuate the vapors below 50 psig.

After reviewing the application and discussing the goals with our client, we were able to develop a compressor package that would allow them to handle three different refrigerant gases – R32, R125A and R143a, cut the evacuation time in half and evacuate the ISO containers down to 0 psig.

We selected a Corken oil-free, air-cooled, two-stage, vertical reciprocating compressor as the heart of this package and designed the system with all stainless steel interconnecting tubing and fittings. A Blackmer mechanical liquid trap with a fork-style liquid level shut-down switch was added to prevent liquids from entering the compressor.

Because these gases are flammable, we needed to meet Class 1, Div. 2 electrical safety standards.  Our local control panel was designed around a Siemens PLC which incorporates our custom programming for reciprocating compressor skids.  The PLC manages the start/stop as well as all alarm and shut-down functions.  We included a stainless steel Nema 4x enclosure and utilized all Class 1, Div. 2 rated panel components.

Lastly, the system was designed with our powder coated steel frame and supports to have a very small footprint, making it easy for our client to install it on a mobile transfer cart for use throughout their plant.  A second skid is planned for their West Coast facility, as well.

For more information on this package or another custom fluid handling solutions, please contact S&S Technical at 678-250-9507 or visit our website –

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