Refrigerant Recovery Compressor Systems

There are many companies who manufacture and blend refrigerants to support a variety of industries and manufacturing processes.  Many of these products arrive and are transported in ISO containers.  Once these containers are emptied, the remaining refrigerant vapors need to be recovered to both lower the vessel pressure for transport and, in some cases, to reduce the tariffs charged on the remaining product when they are returned to their country of origin.

The solution for this process is a vapor recovery compressor system, capable of efficiently evacuating the refrigerant vapors and re-condensing them into bulk storage.  S&S Technical has designed and manufactured custom recovery systems compatible with a wide variety of refrigerants and operating conditions.  Due to the various compositions of refrigerant gases, care needs to be taken to ensure proper compressor and component selection.  Many are flammable gases and therefore, require the systems to meet hazardous electrical area classifications and to minimize fugitive emissions.

Refrigerant Recovery Compressor Systems

Our standard system design includes an oil-free, vertical reciprocating compressor, suction scrubber, safety relief valves, controls and instrumentation.  Our custom PLC control panels with optional full color HMI provide operators with an intuitive control system as well as seamless integration with plant DCS systems.

S&S Technical can help you design and implement a custom, efficient and reliable system to handle your refrigerant vapor recovery needs.  We offer both stationary and mobile designs for nearly every application.

For more information on our refrigerant vapor recovery solutions, please contact S&S Technical at 678-867-7024 or email Jim Zuccarell at You can always visit our website to evaluate other systems that may meet your needs.

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