Transloading: Sometimes a simple solution is best

Whether you are pursuing the refined fuels market in Mexico or moving NGLs in Texas, you need to find a safe Transloading solution that can move the required volume of product, while still making the economics work.

Many of our customers are transloading product across the U.S. and Mexico markets and initially were looking for a full-scale Transloader. Some wanted the Transloader to have its own on-board diesel generator.

Yet as they tried to negotiate with their clients for the constantly shifting volume commitments while trying to control and minimize the asset side of the cost structure, they could not get the economics to work.


The economic balance of transloading systems.

This spring a client came to S&S and asked if we could find a solution that would help meet the demand and economic challenges. We determined the best way to assist was to come up with a simpler transloader cart solution while our clients continued to pursue volume commitments and market demand. This simpler transloader cart design can still move the required volume using a 4” Blackmer pump that provides up to 400 GPM.

The measurement and automation requirements are handled by a Khrone Optimass Coriolis Meter  and an FMC Microload Controller.  Safety components include Newson Gale Grounding units , and an eStop. All of which is added to the transloader with automation and testing done in our UL508A certified panel shop.

Verssaload™, economic transloading.

The ability to be versatile at a terminal is key in keeping things moving. Our solution: Verssaload™ transloading systems. This transloader has been proven in the field because of its compact design and well thought out operator controls. There are stationary transload units as well as mobile transload carts that provide added versatility in a busy terminal. In this instance our customer have found this solution met his transload GPM needs and the cost of the Verssaload™ provided him the numbers to achieve his ROI. This was a win-win-win situation.

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Sometimes a simpler design like the Transloader Cart is the best choice and can help companies move their product fast & safe.

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