Truck Mounted Transfer Compressor System

By May 14, 2016Blog

Truck Mounted Transfer Compressor System

S&S Technical was recently approached to supply a truck mounted gas compressor system for liquid transfer and vapor recovery of liquefied gases. The system needed to be compact and would be driven with a hydraulic motor using the truck’s onboard PTO.

We selected a vertical, two-cylinder, single-stage reciprocating compressor for the application. The compressor included a low maintenance, pressure lubricated frame with a replaceable automotive-style oil filter. It is an oil-free compressor with two sets of piston rod packing for each cylinder, designed to prevent oil from migrating into the process gas and to prevent process gas from entering the atmosphere. We also used a model with an extended crankshaft to better accommodate the hydraulic motor coupling.

The system includes a suction scrubber bottle with an internal float to prevent the compressor from pulling condensed liquids into the cylinder. There is a stainless steel 4-way valve that allows the operator to easily align the piping for either liquid transfer of vapor recovery operations, a vapor strainer to prevent any solid particulate from entering the compressor and a 250 psig safety relief valve to protect the piping.

The interconnecting tubing is stainless steel and the skid has a powder coat finish. The compressor, suction scrubber and strainer were painted with an epoxy primer and an industrial alkyd enamel top coat for protection against the elements.

S&S Technical can design and manufacture a customer gas compression solution for nearly any application up to 500HP and pressures up to 6000 psig. For more information on this project or any other gas compression project, please contact us at: 678-250-9507 or visit our website at

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