Emergency Response Carts

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Does your Emergency Response Team have the right equipment for the most challenging intense situations your job site may experience? We understand the need and have designed and built rugged, mobile, pumping and compression solutions for Emergency Response team carts.  Our systems include powder coated carbon steel frames and cages for durability in the elements, large 15”x 6” pneumatic all-terrain tires, Char-Lynn or Parker hydraulic motors, along with smooth steering system that allows the carts to be either hand pulled or towed behind an ATV or tractor.

Blacker Pump Reliability

S&S Technical has partnered with Blackmer, a leading provider of sliding vane pump and industrial gas compressors, to offer the best possible pumping and compression technology for safe and efficient transfers.  Blackmer offers pump solutions for most products including: Propane, Butane, Ammonia, Diesel, Gasoline, Ethanol and Chlorine.  The most common pump lines used by emergency response teams are the LGL, GX, X, NP and the all stainless steel STX and SNP lines.

Blackmer’s HD-Series of Industrial Gas Compressors offer the most cutting edge sealing technology on the market and the most robust frame available.  Their capacity and material offerings allow us to custom configure a compressor that will handle LPG, Ammonia and Chlorine applications safely and efficiently.

Response Cart Testing and Maintenance

Never get caught in the situation where your Emergency Response Cart fails when needed. You are testing your equipment based on your protocols, and keeping up with routine maintenance- right? Just because you are not using the pump routinely does not mean routine maintenance should not be done, in fact it is more important. Seals become dry and can cause failure at the worst times.

S&S Technical offers complete after-sale support for Blackmer pumps and compressors.  We provide parts, technical support and complete repair/rebuild services on the equipment we sell.

In addition to our standard carts, we can provide complete custom systems to meet our customer’s specific needs. For more information please contact us at 678-250-9507

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