Additive Injection Systems

S&S technical manufactures additive injection and dye injection systems for the petroleum and petrochemical industries.

Additive Injection Systems Include:

  • Pump(s) / Motor assembly with start/ breaker;
  • Automation or programmable logic controls;
  • Storage Tank with level sensor;

Much of the fuel used around the world today has some type of additive that’s been injected into it.

Some of the common additives are octane boosters, lubricity products, and dyes. Dyes are used for a multitude of reasons including distinguishing between taxable diesel meant for your everyday on-road vehicles which is clear and red dyed diesel which is not taxable and meant to be used for off-road/farm use vehicles and equipment. In aviation, 100LL (Avgas) is the common fuel for piston powered general aviation aircraft and is dyed blue. This acts as a visual indicator when checking the fuel to ensure the aircraft has been fueled up with the correct product.

If you’ve ever visited a fuel truck loading facility, you’re almost guaranteed to have seen at least one injection system in use. If preplanned, an injection system can be incorporated into a fuel loading/metering skid right at the factory. Typical components of an injection system will be a pump, strainer, isolation valves, meter, solenoid valve, and check valve. Depending on your application, many of the components listed above can be purchased as a single unit known as an injection block. Below is an example where S&S built an injection system into a truck loading skid for dyed diesel. This allows the customer to receive a true plug and play system.

Injection Systems

To retrofit existing loading systems with standalone additive systems

With products continuously evolving, a need arises to retrofit existing loading systems with standalone additive systems. These additive systems can either have their own controls or tie in to the existing terminal automation software that is currently being used on site. Due to the viscosity of some additives at lower temperatures, some may require heat tracing and insulation. Below is an example of a standalone additive system with a built in storage tank, fully heat traced and insulated to keep the product moving smoothly in colder climates.

additive system with a built in storage tank

If the need arises for a loading skid with built-in additive injection or simply a standalone additive package to compliment your existing equipment, give us a call and we’ll be happy to assist. With our in house engineering, fabrication, and automated controls abilities, S&S Technical ensures that you have an efficient and smooth flowing project from start to finish.

Advantages of using S&S Technical:

  • Full in-house one-stop-shop experience. Our mechanical and electrical engineers use the latest 2 and 3D CAD and SolidWorks software to design every system;
  • Integrated Process Automation Controls, PLC’s and HMI’s;
  • ASME Pipe fabrication, assembly, and testing are all done at our facility just north of Atlanta, Georgia;
  • Turnkey systems provide a single point of contact for your entire project;
  • All systems are FAT (Factory Acceptance Tested) in house and will meet all safety, government and industry regulations our clients project may require;
  • Single point of contact for technical support, operator training and start up commissioning;
  • Complete set of manuals for every piece of equipment and system;
  • Reduced installation and start up time – ready to move product shortly after arriving on site;
  • Reduced delivery lead times, project costs, improved accuracy.

Give us a call today at (678) 250-9507 for more information on additive injection systems for your next facility or upcoming project.

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