LPG-NGL Loading-Unloading

S&S Technical is a leading global supplier of crude oil, LPG-NGL Loading-unloading skid systems for trucks and railcars. We provide the highest quality and most accurate custody transfer solutions for midstream oil and gas loading and unloading equipment.

Our truck and railcar LPG-NGL Loading-unloading Skid systems are custom engineered to fit your specific application. You’ll have dedicated engineers that will work closely with your team to ensure your systems are designed and fabricated to perform at peek efficiency and help cut operational costs.

Our mechanical engineers use the latest technologies including SolidWorks 3D modeling and AutoCad to bring your systems to life before production. All pipe work is welded to ASME Section IX quality standards and X-ray tested for integrity. All LPG-NGL loading and offloading systems are factory tested and quality approved before shipment.

LPG-NGL Loading-Unloading Skid Applications:

  • Loading or Unloading of Tanker Trucks and Railcars;
  • NGL Pipeline Terminal Truck Loading and Unloading Skids;
  • Blending and Metering Skid Systems;
  • Multi-Station Loading and Unloading Systems;
  • Proving and Calibration of Metering Skid Systems.

LPG-NGL Loading-Unloading Skid Components: 

  • Industrial powder coated piping and frame base;
  • Static Ground Monitoring;
  • RTD with Thermo-well;
  • Basket in-line strainer with pressure differential indication;
  • Custody Transfer Flow Meter;
  • Meets all government safety and regulatory standards and certifications;
  • Flow Control Valve;
  • Integrated Automation Controls;
  • Fully Customized HMI (human machine interface) controls;
  • Pressure Safety Relief Valve;
  • Pressure indicator;
  • Drain connections with manual ball valves.

LPG-NGL Loading-Unloading Skid Optional Features:

  • Loading Arm with Safety loading Gangway;
  • Vapor recovery lines;
  • Overflow monitoring and level switch;
  • Densitometer;
  • Non-slip skid frame and plate decking coating;
  • Prover connections;
  • Double Block and Bleed (DB&B) valve;
  • Push button actuated ESD (emergency stop device) valve;
  • Pressure Transmitter with LCD Display;
  • Extended Equipment Warranties;
  • Start-up/Commissioning;
  • Temperature Transmitter with LCD Display.

LPG-NGL Loading-Unloading Industry Standards:

  • Pipe fabrication to ASME Section IX standards B31.3, B31.4;
  • Pipe fabrication to ASME standards;
  • Structural steel designed to AWS standards;
  • Pressure vessel ASME standards.

Advantages of using S&S Technical:

  • Full in-house one-stop-shop experience. Our mechanical and electrical engineers use the latest 2 and 3D CAD and SolidWorks software to design every system;
  • Integrated Process Automation Controls, PLC’s and HMI’s;
  • ASME Pipe fabrication, assembly, and testing are all done at our facility just north of Atlanta, Georgia;
  • Turnkey systems provide a single point of contact for your entire project;
  • All systems are FAT (Factory Acceptance Tested) in-house and will meet all safety, government and industry regulations our clients’ project may require;
  • Single point of contact for technical support, operator training and start-up commissioning;
  • Complete set of manuals for every piece of equipment and system;
  • Reduced installation and startup time – ready to move product shortly after arriving on site;
  • Reduced delivery lead times, project costs, improved accuracy.

Give us a call today at (678) 250-9507 to learn more about how we can help your team with custom LPG & NGL Loading & Offloading skids for your upcoming project or facility.

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