Pipeline Metering Skids

With many pipelines being installed throughout North America, the need for delivery and receipt metering stations is on the increase. Applications range from crude oil and condensates to butane and refined products. Whatever the application, S&S Technical can help design, fabricate and automate a solution to fit your specific needs in any size and flow rate required.

The core of the system is the meter itself. Many measurement professionals have their preferred technologies which consist of coriolis, turbine and ultrasonic and any meter can be incorporated into the design. Some skid designs will use two meters with one acting as a “check” meter to ensure meter accuracy.

Fully integrated meter skids will include the necessary instrumentation such as pressure and temperature transmitters and densitometers as well as motor operated valves and PSV’s. Depending on the product, automated liquid sampler systems or analyzer systems to measure gas composition are typically included. A flow computer along with all electrical wiring and junction boxes will be included as well a double block and bleed valve with prover connections for meter proving. Some meter skids will include compact provers as part of the design.

Skid frames can include spill pans, slip resistant grating walk surface with some requiring platforms with handrail and stairs on the perimeter of the skid for safe access when skids are located above grade that is not level.  All meter skids are fully tested prior to shipment ensuring the skid arrives on site ready to plug/play, speeding up the installation time and allowing you to start measuring products quickly.

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