Arrow Engines & Compressors

S&S Technical is now an Arrow Engine & Compression Distributor.

We are pleased to work with Arrow Engine Company, a Tulsa-based natural gas engine, compressor and gas products manufacturer. As a full-line Arrow Compressor distributor, S&S Technical offers customized packaged compressor systems using Arrow’s extensive line of gas compressors and engines ranging from 15HP – up to 400HP. In addition to package systems, we will offer full parts and technical support, including in-house repair and rebuild service for engines and compressors.

What is a packaged Arrow Compressor system?

A packaged compressor system is a fully integrated and automated system for applications ranging in size from 15HP up to 500HP.  These can be electric motor or natural gas engine drive systems to meet our client’s specific needs.

Types of Arrow Compressors

As an Arrow Compressor Distributor we have access to all of the new lines of Arrow compressors and engines which allow us to expand our packaged gas compression offerings to include many different types. Gas Lift Compression, CNG Compression, High-Volume Flash Gas Vapor Recovery, Wellhead Compression, Gas Boosting. Arrow’s VRU/VRU2, VRC and VRS model compressors provide a wide range of sizing options to provide optimal performance for each application.

Arrow Compressor Support.

If you have a gas compression application and are looking for a packaged system, let our design and engineering staff work with you to design a customized, automated solution. If you currently have Arrow Engines or Compressors at your facility, we can provide you parts and technical assistance.

For more information, please call us directly at: 678-250-9507


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