CNG Compressor Packages

Natural Gas is becoming more and more popular as a motor vehicle fuel in the U.S.  It is clean-burning and very abundant, making it an ideal low-cost alternative fuel to diesel and gasoline.  As the demand for natural gas-fueled vehicles increases, so does the need for additional infrastructure to support this demand.  There is a growing number of companies who specialize in the design and installation of compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling stations and all of these stations have one thing in common – the need for a CNG compressor package.

S&S Technical has the design and fabrication experience to provide CNG compressor skids up to 250HP for pressure up to 5000 psi.  Our design and engineering team will help you select and size a suitable gas compressor to meet the demand of you specific application.  Systems are designed with either electric motor or natural gas engine drivers and can include complete enclosures to protect the system from the elements and provide sound deadening where needed.

Our CNG compressor packages include a local PLC control panel and can be up-fitted with an integrated HMI as well as wireless connectivity for troubleshooting.  Our electrical design and engineering team can assist with seamless integration of the compressor skid into new or existing CNG fueling systems.

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