Corken Compressors

Corken compressors were originally developed in the mid-1940’s.  The early Corken compressors were designed primarily for LPG transfer operations.  In later years, Corken expanded their compressor lines to include industrial gas models, 2-stage models, and horizontal models, all still being used today.

Corken is best known for its early development of an oil-free reciprocating compressor capable of moving gases without lube oil contamination.  As Corken piston rod packing designs were improved, they were able to easily handle hazardous flammable and toxic gases and provide zero emission capability.

All the compressors in the Corken lineup are oil-free reciprocating compressors.  Corken compressors are offered in both vertical and horizontal configurations with a variety of cylinder options to accommodate wide ranging conditions.  This includes single and two-stage models and single, double, and triple seal options for piston rod packing.

S&S Technical can provide application engineering for your Corken compressor applications.  We can handle sizing and compressor selection as well as provide technical support for existing systems.

Corken Compressor Parts

Our service and repair center for Corken compressors maintains a solid stock of Corken compressor parts and equipment for the most popular Corken compressors.

Parts wear out over time yet fail quickly. You need a reliable resource to assist you in sourcing and supplying these parts when you need them.

What Part Do You Need for Your Corken Compressor?

Pumps and compressors are a long-term investment and are built to last when you can service and repair your equipment. Routine service is a must for all mechanical equipment. Yet even with the best preventative maintenance routines, mid service repairs are needed. Some of the most common parts ordered for a quick repair to get you back in service.

  • Corken Valves
  • Corken Packing Set
  • Corken Expander
  • Corken Piston Rings
  • Corken Oil Filter Canister
  • Corken Connector Rod Bearing

Corken Compressor Service and Rebuild Experience

Our compressor and pump service center has over a decade of hands-on and field experience, allowing us to provide you the highest quality technical service and support. All equipment is thoroughly evaluated upon receipt and a detailed report is included with each compressor rebuild.

Full Corken compressor overhaul

Full Corken compressor overhaul

Freshly overhauled Corken D191 compressor

Freshly overhauled Corken D191 compressor

Corken Compressor Service Center

Our Corken service center for compressors in Bowling Green, Kentucky is dedicated to offering Corken rebuild and recertification services along with technical support. Our Corken Service Center is skilled in Corken gas compressor or pumps as well as Sero Side Channel pumps.

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