Emergency Response Carts & Skids

S&S Technical has developed rugged, mobile pumping and compression solutions for Emergency Response teams. Our systems include powder coated carbon steel frames and cages, large pneumatic, all-terrain tires, Char-Lynn or Parker hydraulic motors and a smooth steering system that allows for the carts to be either hand pulled or towed behind an ATV or tractor.

Emergency Response Carts & Skids

Why choose an Emergency Response Cart or Skid from S&S Technical?

Our carts are designed based on years of feedback from emergency response professionals across the country. With that insight, we have ensured to incorporate details that provide more efficient use in the field and more robust equipment for reliability and longevity.

What pump options are used on our response carts and skids?

S&S Technical has partnered with Blackmer, a leading provider of sliding vane pumps and industrial gas compressors to offer the best possible pumping and compression technology for safe and efficient transfers. Blackmer offers pump solutions for most products including Propane, Butane, Ammonia, Diesel, Gasoline, Ethanol, CO2, Refrigerants and Chlorine. The most common pump lines used by emergency response teams are the LGL, GX, X, NP and all stainless steel STX and SNP lines.

What options are available for response cart and skid compressors?

Blackmer’s HD-Series of Industrial Gas Compressors offer the most cutting-edge sealing technology on the market and the most robust frame available. Their capacity and material offerings allow us to custom configure a compressor that will handle LPG, Ammonia and Chlorine applications safely and efficiently. In addition to offering Blackmer’s full line of compression solutions, S&S Technical also offers the Corken line of oil-free industrial gas compressors giving us the most comprehensive compressor offering in the industry.

What about service after the sale?

S&S Technical also offers complete after-sale support for Blackmer and Corken pumps and compressors. Our Kentucky service center stocks nearly $500,000 in compressor and pump parts. We provide technical support, service training and complete repair/rebuild services on all the equipment we sell.

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What about a custom pump or compressor solution?

In addition to our standard cart and skid offerings we are able to provide custom turn-key systems to meet our customer’s specific needs. For more information please contact us at 678-867-7024 or visit our website at www.skidsolutions.com.

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