Packaged Compressor Systems

S&S Technical is a leading manufacturer of industrial gas packaged compressor systems. We engineer and manufacture your compressor skid packages with the latest 3D modeling software, as well as meet all API, ASME, OSHA and government standards.

Packaged Compressor Systems Include:

  • Lubricated and Oil-Free Reciprocating;
  • Sliding vane pumps;
  • Side-channel pumps;
  • Engine-generator sets;

Packaged Compressor System Applications:

  • Natural Gas Compression;
  • Natural Gas Compressor Skids;
  • CNG Loading Stations;
  • CNG Storage Tanks;
  • Tanker Truck Loading / Unloading;
  • Railcar Loading / Unloading
  • Fuel Gas Boosting;
  • Natural Gas Vapor Recovery;
  • Liquefied Gas Transfer;
  • Air Boosting Compression;
  • Gas Gathering.

Packaged Compressor Systems Include:

  • Single-stage compressor package with a hydraulic drive. This system is used in tanker truck or railcar evacuation for maintenance or emergency situations.
  • Single-stage compressor package engineered for liquefied gas transfer applications.
  • Single-stage compressor package used for LPG, liquid gas transfer, and vapor recovery applications.
  • Single-stage compressor packages used liquefied gas transfer using Propylene, Vinyl Chloride, Methyl Chloride and Butadiene.
  • Hydraulically drive, single-stage flanged compressor package designed for emergency response situations.
  • Two-stage compressor package used for deep evacuation. Can also be used for other products.
  • Custom engineered systems designed by our in-house mechanical engineers using the latest SolidWorks 3D software.

Industry Standards Met:

  • API 610 ISO 13709;
  • API 617 ISO 10439;
  • API 618 ISO 13707;
  • API11P ISO 13631;
  • ASME U2 Div. 1;
  • ASME U2 Div. 2;
  • IEC / ATEX;
  • AP619;
  • AP676;
  • ASME;
  • GOST;
  • ANSI;
  • CRN;
  • CSA;

For Immediate Service, Please Ship Equipment To:

S&S Technical, Inc. – Gas Compression Service Center
290 Cal Batsel Rd., Suite A
Bowling Green, KY 42104


Call Us Directly At: (678) 250-9507

Advantages of using S&S Technical:

  • Full in-house one-stop-shop experience. Our mechanical and electrical engineers use the latest 2 and 3D CAD and SolidWorks software to design every system;
  • Integrated Process Automation Controls, PLC’s and HMI’s;
  • ASME Pipe fabrication, assembly, and testing are all done at our facility just north of Atlanta, Georgia;
  • Turnkey systems provide a single point of contact for your entire project;
  • All systems are FAT (Factory Acceptance Tested) in house and will meet all safety, government and industry regulations our clients project may require;
  • Single point of contact for technical support, operator training and start up commissioning;
  • Complete set of manuals for every piece of equipment and system;
  • Reduced installation and start up time – ready to move product shortly after arriving on site;
  • Reduced delivery lead times, project costs, improved accuracy.

Give us a call today at (678) 250-9507 for more information on packaged compressor skid systems for your next facility or upcoming project.

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