Dock & Marine Gangways

What is a Marine Gangway?

A marine gangway is a safe way to access barges and ships. These gangways are commonly made of aluminum because of the material’s resistance to corrosion. Gangways for marine applications are commonly used by a ship’s crew or passengers to enter or exit a ship or to load cargo.

S&S Technical provides high-quality aluminum marine gangways, and dock gangways, and custom marine access systems for all marine applications.

Customized To Your Specifications

S&S Technical understands that marine access systems must be custom fit, and we can design equipment to meet exact specifications. We have built our reputation designing and fabricating marine gangways, including both telescopic and aluminum gangways, that meet the unique specifications of our clients’ applications, including barge access, tanker access, and docks. Our experienced engineers and manufacturing team have the industry and application knowledge to assure that your S&S Technical gangway will meet your exact specifications and will be delivered on time and on a budget.

What are Common Features for an Above Dock Marine Gangway?

  • Aluminum gangway with self-leveling treads.
  • Hot dipped galvanized platform and track with bar grating walk surface.
  • Stainless steel control valve enclosure.
  • Float mode (powered gangways only) allows for the gangway to move with the vessel as its freeboard changes during loading/unloading operations.

Aluminum Access Systems & Marine Gangways for:

  • Tankers
  • Docks
  • Barge Access
  • Naval Vessels
  • Offshore Oil Platforms & Refineries

Our telescopic gangways are retracting, two-stage gangways designed for easy extension and retraction.  They are constructed to withstand heavy use and are available in a wide range of sizes and styles to handle the capacity and length you require for your application.

Marine Gangway Power Options

  • Manual Spring Balance Operation
    • Limited to shorter gangway lengths only
    • Up to 12 steps
  • Pneumatic Operation
    • Up to 24 steps
  • Hydraulic Operation
    • Available Voltage: 120/1/60 VAC OR 230/460/3/60 VAC
    • Non – Classified ~ NEMA 4/3R
    • NEMA 7 * 9 / CL 1, DIV 2, GRP C & D
    • Up to 34 steps

Other Custom Dock Gangway Options:

  • Gangway Width:
    • 24″ Wide Standard | 30″ Wide | 36″ Wide
    • Customization available upon request
  • Tracking Drive:
    • Manual (smaller units) | Powered
  • Tracking Lengths Available:
    • 10′ ~ 22′ In two foot increments
    • Common Length: 20′ Aluminum Gangway
  • Live Load Capacity:
    • 500 # | 750 # | 1,000 #
  • Gangway Hardware:
    • Plated Steel | Stainless Steel
  • Typical Pivot Ranges:
    • +/- 15 degrees | +/- 30 degrees

Types of Marine Gangways

OSHA Standard Compliance

Aluminum gangways and aluminum marine ramps are fabricated to accommodate the movement of the ship and elevation changes resulting from tides and whether the ship is laden with cargo or empty. All of our aluminum marine gangways meet OSHA and OSHA Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) standards and can be designed to meet industry standards if required.

Marine Gangway Photos

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