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S&S Technical provides high-quality custom barge gangways, barge access systems, and barge ramp design. Our experienced engineering staff specializes in custom designs to meet the exact specifications for your barge access application. We have the capability to manufacture your custom barge gangways, barge ramps, and ladders while meeting your budget and delivery deadline.

What is a Barge Access System?

A Barge Access System provides access between barges and docks and access to storage holds on the barge, our marine access systems have earned the reputation for safe, durable performance in heavy-duty, harsh marine environments.

Types of Barge Access Systems:

  • Stage gangways
  • Truss gangways
  • Tracking gangways
  • Portable gangways
  • Telescoping gangways
  • Ramps
  • Marine ladders

Barge Gangway Features:

  • Designs that adjust to changes in tide and barge levels
  • Custom load capacities for ramps and gangways
  • Custom widths and lengths
  • Floating, pivot, and track mounting options
  • Self-leveling treads for gangways and ramps

What Are the Benefits for Using Aluminum for Barge Access Systems?

When it comes to marine applications, aluminum is the ideal material to use for barge access systems. We manufacture aluminum barge access systems because aluminum alloys specifically designed for use in marine and saltwater environments are corrosion- and saltwater-resistant.

What Are the Power Options Available for Barge Access Systems?

S&S Technical provides different barge access systems to suit a wide range of marine applications. Our team offers different power options to operate your access system. S&S Technical can provide manual, hydraulic or pneumatic controls for telescoping and tracking gangways.

Different Types of Barges that Require Access Systems

S&S Technical provides access systems for a wide range of barges. Some of the different types of barges are:

  • Tug Barges
  • Construction Barges
  • Bulk Cargo Barges
  • Split Hopper Barges
  • Car-Float Barges or Rail barges
  • Crane Barges

Our marine products meet or exceed OSHA and OSHA Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) standards and can be custom manufactured to meet more stringent customer requirements.

At S&S Technical, we are committed to providing you with a safe solution for access between your marine vessel and dock.  We will work with you to design and manufacture a barge gangway,  barge ramp or ladder that will meet your exact requirements and will continue to perform well for many years. We support our products with superior customer service that will ensure that you are satisfied with your S&S Technical product.

Barge Access System Photos

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