Mercaptan Injection Systems

Why use mercaptan injection systems?

S&S Technical mercaptan injection systems are designed for ultra-low dosage applications of mercaptan into LPG. Pumps are powered by air pressure or nitrogen, and system utilizes a closed loop calibrator to eliminate concerns with exposer of mercaptan to the atmosphere. Controls are compatible with Toptech & Accuload controllers, Modbus, and other protocols.  

 Storage tanks can be supplied to complete a package. Tanks range in size from 60 gallons to 1,000, are designed and fabricated per ASME codes and are outfitted with all necessary instrumentation, and nitrogen blanket systems. Optional containment systems are available.

What makes the S&S Technical mercaptan injection systems the best solution?

  • Closed loop calibrator – no risk of exposure of mercaptan to atmosphere
  • Quick and easy calibration
  • Meter accuracy of 0.25%
  • All systems designed, fabricated, tested and automated by S&S in-house – single point of responsibility
  • Complete solutions including storage – no need to call multiple vendors 

What benefits can I expect from using S&S Technical mercaptan injection systems?

  • Meet DOT requirements
  • Consistent odorization
  • Easy integration with multiple plant control protocols


S&S Technical’s Mercaptan Injection Systems project updates: Nov, 2019

Mercaptan Injection Skid Package Heading to a British Columbia Refinery. S&S client needed to odorize propane at their truck loading racks. Package includes a 500 gallon ASME tank with CRN’s, full containment, mag level gauge, pneumatic pump, closed loop calibrator, Swagelok tubing/fittings/ball valves, Class 1, Div.2 electrical.

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