Barge Loading Arms

Barge Loading Arm Introduction

Barge Loading Arm (BLA) is designed to load/unload petroleum or chemical products to small ships and barges along protected seacoast or river side.

BLA design ensures six degrees of freedom, allowing movement in all directions generated by tide change, wind, current and other environmental conditions.

As the conventional Marine Loading Arm has brought a significant improvement in safety over a hose solution in the transfer operation of product, BLA is the simple solution, instead of hose to serve the small ship and barge with same advantages.

The BLA is composed of rigid articulated piping, self supported, fully balanced and provides an easier, a safer and a more ergonomic solution without need of extra lifting, supporting equipment or tools required with hoses. With the same reliability level of other Technip Energies’ products, BLA offers a long service life with a low cost of ownership to the user.

loading arm

Barge Loading Arms General Overview


Typical Applications

  • Loading and unloading of barges and small ships on rivers and protected intercostal waterways


  • Petroleum products
  • Chemicals


  • Carbon steel construction

Design conditions

  • Class 150lbs rating

Diameter of connection to the ship flange

  • BLA is available in three diameters: 6”, 8” and 10”

Length of the loading arm

  • 6” BLA is available in 30’, 35’, 40’, 45’ and 50’ lengths
  • 8” BLA is available in 35’, 40’, 45’ and 50’ lengths
  • 10” BLA is available in 45’ and 50’ lengths

Barge Loading Arms – Main Equipment

Chiksan® Swivel Joints

  • The core of a Chiksan ® marine arm is the swivel
  • BLA is equipped with 6 Chiksan® swivel
  • Each swivel joint is made up of a male and a female part joined by two or three ball bearing
  • A compression type packing seal is used to seal the two parts of the swivel
  • Replaceable raceways (snap in race) allow easy revamping and consistency of
Chiksan® Swivel Joints

Connection to the ship manifold by a flange or by a manual QCDC coupler

manual QCDC coupler

Drain Ports

BLA is equipped with two drain ports located at the lowest points:

  • One near the inlet flange;
  • One near the connection to the ship.

Each drain port can be equipped with cap or a manual flange

Drain Ports

Vacuum Breaker

Vacuum Breaker

Barge Loading Arms – Available Options

BLA is a standard product with the capability to adapt to customer needs. The following options are available: 

Coupling system

The coupling to the ship manifold can be achieved either by the use of a standard flange by the use of a Manual QC/DC coupler

Drain port valves

Each drain port can be either equipped with a cap or with valve.


Final painting color is the at customer choice.

Barge Loading Arms – Conclusions

Ease of maintenance : BLA uses the well known and proven Chiksan® swivel joint technology giving the possibility of easy replacement of the seals and internals when necessary. The very simplified routine maintenance can be performed without heavy scaffolding or special tools, by operators and can be supported by Technip Energies services either by training to the operators or directly on site.

Manual operation : BLA, fully articulated and empty balanced, is maneuverable by a single operator using a rope

Plug and play capabilities : BLA is delivered in one piece, ready to be installed.

Expedited delivery / installation : BLA is a standard equipment delivered within 6 months. Installation requires one day.

Barge Loading Arm – Opportunity. Why Us?

We have a unique offering. No other manufacturer is currently providing a low-cost, short timeline solution.

  • Economical CAPEX
  • Timeline: 6 Months

Benefits of the Design

  • Small footprint and light weight design reduces the loads applied to the jetty
  • Vertically stored and locked equipment, minimizing space and reducing risk of equipment damage
  • High flow rate capabilities, low pressure drop due to rigid pipe product line
  • Self supported arm without additional lifting equipment required with hose transfer
  • Safe operation with fully balanced arm
  • Easy operation by one operator
  • Class 150 lbs rating design, for safe operation and in case of surge pressure due to process
  • Long life design of components without need of product line replacement
  • Low and Simplified routine maintenance
  • Strong equipment not exposed to damages by operational clashes that could occur
  • Low cost of ownership
  • US Based Aftermarket support and

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