Overfill Protection

S&S Technical supplies overfill protection systems for tanks, truck and railcars, and wells. Our overfill protection programs and devices meet the American Petroleum Institutes API 2350 standard, which can help implement a safe and efficient overfill prevention program.

Overfill protection systems prevent health and safety risks for the employees who handle them, but also hazardous spills and community risk that often lead to hefty fines clean up efforts.

Overfill Protection Applications:

  • Petroleum Products;
  • Tanker Truck loading;
  • Railcar Loading;
  • Water & Wastewater;
  • Food & Beverage.

Advantages of using S&S Technical:

  • Full in-house one-stop-shop experience. Our mechanical and electrical engineers use the latest 2 and 3D CAD and SolidWorks software to design every system;
  • Integrated Process Automation Controls, PLC’s and HMI’s;
  • ASME Pipe fabrication, assembly, and testing are all done at our facility just north of Atlanta, Georgia;
  • Turnkey systems provide a single point of contact for your entire project;
  • All systems are FAT (Factory Acceptance Tested) in house and will meet all safety, government and industry regulations our clients project may require;
  • Single point of contact for technical support, operator training and start up commissioning;
  • Complete set of manuals for every piece of equipment and system;
  • Reduced installation and start up time – ready to move product shortly after arriving on site;
  • Reduced delivery lead times, project costs, improved accuracy.

Give us a call (678) 250-9507 or send us an email for more information on truck and railcar loading platforms for your next project or upcoming facility.

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