S&S Technical supplies overfill protection systems for tanks, truck and railcars, and wells. Our overfill protection programs and devices meet the American Petroleum Institutes API 2350 standard, which can help implement a safe and efficient overfill prevention program.

Overfill protection systems prevent health and safety risks for the employees who handle them, but also hazardous spills and community risk that often lead to hefty fines clean up efforts. When you minimize overfill you have a positive financial impact which can quickly pay for the price of the units.

How does Overfill Protection work

Prevention of overfill spill begins with well-developed procedures that have involved the operator in the development phase is the first line of overfill spill prevention.  Yet even with the right procedures and attention to detail in place, things happen. Our goal is to ensure our customers are proactive in the design of railcar and truck skid transfer systems by recommending overfill monitoring.

Manual overfill protection systems are designed with al level indicator that notifies the operator to close a valve. Manual overfill systems work and can reduce overfill incidents. Automatic overfill protection systems basically reduce the human factor, but are more expensive initially.

Overfill Protection Applications:

  • Petroleum Products;
  • Tanker Truck loading;
  • Railcar Loading;
  • Water & Wastewater;
  • Food & Beverage.

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