Polystar Containment Pans

Spill Prevention for Tanker Trucks, Railcars,Transloading Facilities & Pump/Meter Skids

During loading/unloading and transfer of liquids, there is a risk of spillage occurring during pumping and the many connects and disconnects of hoses and loading arms. The use of secondary containment is a simple and cost effective solution to ensure you site minimizes liabilites and cost associated with spills.

Polystar Containment pans are a reliable, easy to install solution that will provide decades of performace. Systems are designed to prevent the need for excavation and can be installed with simple tools, saving time and money.

  • Truck systems are made from fiberglass composite. Pans are modular in design and can be combined to form any length/width desired for your application. Heavy duty drive-on design supplied with ramps and include drain ports with ball valves or passive shut off filters to allow rainwater to drain but close the port if hydrocarbons are released. Optional floor drains are available.
  • Rail systems are made from high strength corrosion resistant fiberglass and are supplied in 20’ long sections with side pans and can be combined for longer coverage. Pans include drain ports to connect to your drain piping piping or sump pump. Optional walk on grating is available.
  • Spill pans can be intergrated into any pump or meter skid system and are supplied with drain ports and optional walk on grating.

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