100-Car Feedstock Unloading Rack / 8-Car Green Diesel Loading Rack Up & Running in Texas. Facilty in Texas bringing in feedstock for a refiner who is also loading the finished green diesel. S&S designed the load racks, pipe bridge, flyover to allow passage of personnel over the tracks between the rail racks, pipe & expansion loop supports with PE stamp/calculations and provided 108-Safe Harbor track mounted gangways with safety cages, Excel loading arms, Scully ground/overfill, rail loading skids with FMC meters, FMC 210 valves, FMC Accuload IV controllers. Each rail spot included an overhead trolley beam fall arrest system as part of the end users design requirements.

Need help with loading rack design/fabrication, loading meter skids, loading arms, access and fall protection/prevention – gives S&S a call at (678) 250-9507  to explore.