Barge Loading Arms & Marine Access Gangways. With S&S Technical clients asking for complete solutions for loading and unloading barges inclusive of not only meter skids with provers and pump skids but also with safe access to the the barges and loading arms, S&S has answered the call. S&S is now including Technip Energies barge loading arms and Safe Harbor barge access gangways to allow S&S to offer a complete packaged solution from one resource. The Technip Energies BLA is a standard arm offering a simple, economical and quick delivery for arms ranging from 6″ to 10″ diameter, from 30′ to 50′ lengths made in class 150# carbon steel. The arms are designed to load or unload small ships and barges on rivers and intercoastal waterways. The arms are made here in the USA reducing shipping cost and delays from overseas. Arms are supplied with a flange or manual QC/DC coupler and include drain ports & vacuum breaker. Paint color is your choice and arms are delivered in one piece.
Safe Harbor brings it years of marine access experience to the table for S&S, giving S&S a full range of custom barge access solutions with stage gangways, self-leveling stairs and telescoping gangways with manual and powered options.

Need help with loading/unloading barges with chemicals and refined products/feedstocks, barge loading arms and barge access systems – give us a call at   678-250-9507 for a complete solution for your next project.