New From S&S Technical – Patent Pending Battery Powered Mobile Railcar & Truck Access Platform. With many clients coming to S&S for custom pumping & metering solutions for loading and unloading railcars and trucks that includes the need to safely access the tops of the cars and trucks, S&S has developed a mobile cart system driven by a patent pending battery powered tug unit drive system. The platform rides on V-track that can be installed on top of grade or recessed below grade. An operator rides on a wide platform and utilizes a control station with hand grips to move forward and backwards. The control station includes a speed controller and pull away emergency stop cable that attaches to the operator. The battery powered tug unit can be recharged from a standard 120v outlet. The unit includes a platform with stair unit, and access gangways with safety cages for fall protection. The platform can be configured for single or dual sided access. The system is ideal for sites that may only need to access trucks and cars for venting, inspection, sampling, and connecting vapor or loading hoses. On the most recent application, a client needed to access 20-rail cars on a dual sided track / 10-cars per side, unloading feedstock at a renewable’s refinery. The V-track was installed between the rails and a dual sided mobile platform was utilized for the operator to ride down the length of the rail spur and access the top of the cars on either side of the mobile platform to open the car vents for bottom unloading. The mobile platform eliminated the need to install expensive fixed platforms, shortened the permitting process and minimized site disruptions and downtime during installation.
More to come on the S&S Technical website that includes a video of the unit in operation.

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