New Bio-Diesel Truck Loading Skid Package with Blending Line for an ADM site in IL. Michael Ogburn was asked to go on-site to develop of solution to load trucks with biodiesel and do on demand blending for ADMs’s various clients that needed straight B-99 to various blends from B-10 & B-20. The package included an FMC Accuload IV load controller to manage the various recipes, FMC Genisis 4″ & 2″ meters, FMC 210 4″ & 2″ control valves, FMC 4″ & 2″ strainers, Scully ground/overfill, Dixon bottom hose loader with Dixon 5500X API coupler, and Class 1, Div. 2 electrical. Skid was full flow function tested where S&S can simulate loading a truck at the designed flow rate and print a BOL ticket demonstrating the skid performs/functions as required prior to install. Photos show the skid at the S&S shop facilities during set up, as well as installed on-site.

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