S&S Technical just completed this butane rail to truck mobile transloader package for a client in Tacoma. This unit incorporates our proprietary adjustable platform with aluminum sliding gangway that can be easily raised and lowered to allow for varied rail car heights and drops down to a minimum height of 12ft to allow for on-highway travel without disassembling the system. The unit is designed with a Blackmer, a PSG brand LB942B vapor compressor and an LGLD4B pump for product offloading and vapor recovery. It was designed to meter both the offloaded liquid flow and the vapor flow using a custom programmed TopTech controller that determines the net mass of product moved. The compressor is control with a PLC-based control panel with HMI, ASME B31.3 welded piping, ASME pressure vessel, NFPA 58 bulkhead with 2″ SmartHose LPG hoses and internal breakaways, retractable cord reels for grounding, remote e-stop and main power supply, custom built goose neck trailer with triple 7500# axles. Our client referred to this system as the Cadillac of mobile transloading units. We agree! Our engineering team knocked this one out of the park!

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