Complete Loading and Unloading Systems

Does your loading arm supplier trace and insulate arms in house to ensure your complete system to load or unload trucks and rail cars meets your specific requirements? S&S was tasked with upgrading a menthol truck and Iso-container unloading spot for Proctor & Gamble. As part of the unloading equipment S&S proposed an Emco Wheaton bottom unloading arm to replace hoses the site had been using which were difficult to use being heavy with little bend radius. The unloading arm was required to be stainless steel with sanitary valve, ground s mooth welds and 20 Ra polished. The menthol required the arm to be heated to 122F working temperature.

With S&S taking a systems approach with the supply of the unloading equipment and unload arm, S&S did the heat trace and insulation in house. This ensured that all equipment was built to the same specifications, utilized the same control systems and could be tested as a compete system prior to shipment. Most companies that supply loading arms cannot do this, which could lead to gaps in your project with quality and require inspection of equipment at multiple 3rd party suppliers leading to increases cost and lead times.

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loading and unloading systems