Many of the compressor systems we design will be installed in hazardous locations and require special attention to the electrical components and controls.
Our team of electrical engineers and designers have developed a standard compressor controls system that provides end users with a simple, intuitive interface for operation and integration. Our PLC-based control panels include custom HMI programming that allows users to make changes in set points, start/stop operation, and even what data is displayed without requiring you to connect to a computer and purchasing proprietary software. Our systems also provide easy interface with plant DCS systems using only an ethernet connection. These control panels area built using UL certified components and are rated for all Class 1, Div. II, Grp. A-D area locations.
Additionally, we have the means to provide a remote interface that allows users to connect via local Wi-Fi or cellular antenna to make adjustments, troubleshoot, or monitor compressor system telemetry from anywhere they have an internet connection.
The most impressive part? We are able to provide this type of controls package for about the same cost as an XP enclosure with relays, timers, switches, and lights! S&S Technical, Inc.’s innovative approach to system design is what sets us apart. We simply build it better.

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