Crude Oil & Naphtha Meter Skid Coming to Life at S&S Technical and Heading to Texas. Client asked S&S to provide a 12″ dual run meter skid complete with Flow MD meter provers in an all inclusive package complete with PLC/HMI and Omni flow computers. Skid is 300# class with seamless pipe, welded and tested to ASME B31.3, with fully grated galvanized skid frame, 10″ Micromotion CMFHC2 meters with 5700 transmitters, Rosemount Inc. instruments, Cameron Twin Seal MOV’s with Limitorgue actuators, Neway check and gate valves, Bray control valves, stainless enclosures with AC units & Allen-Bradley PanelView Plus HMI, Class 1, Div.2 electrical, Flow MD 45 & 90 small volume provers.

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Crude Oil & Naphtha Meter Skid